Tyler Joseph performing ‘Holding onto You’ live. [X]


the worst thing ever is when you go to a concert and the support act is good as hell and you only start really liking them after the concert

Every. Time.

Hands Up
Ed Sheeran
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN

twenty | one | pilots

(made this on a mobile device because I didn’t have access to software, limited judgement would be nice)


sometimes quiet is viølent

the 1975 in photos
(pt. 4/4)

the 1975 in photos
(pt. 3/4)

the 1975 in photos
(pt. 2/4)

the 1975 in photos
(pt. 1/4)

multiply in photos
(part 2/2)

multiply in photos

(part 1/2)

you know I never pictured myself falling in love with music like this… I never planned to fall in love with music at all. it just happened. and, well people like tyler and josh just change things. they do the unexpected. they live life authentically. and they help. they’ve helped so many people through that dark night, or the end of that long day. they make it so that the sun rises again for one more person. and I think that’s truly amazing.

Icarus is flying tea-wards an early grave

went to paint-your-own-pottery today.

the girl looked at me weird when I said i only wanted black.

(it will look better once they fire it)

people of chicago
by me

sometimes quiet is viølent